EHR and EMR 101: Big Data

EHR and EMR 101: Big Data

EHR and EMR systems manage large sets of healthcare data analytics. But that’s actually a simple way to describe what EHR and EMR software does; in reality, the complexities of these systems — and of advanced data records — can overwhelm almost anyone. To avoid complications, it’s better to consider best practices prior to purchasing new software. We’ve been working with and using EHRs and EMRs for several years, and we’ve mastered some of the more convoluted aspects of the technology. We always advise our clients to consider these two factors before buying new EHR software.

  • Before committing yourself to new software, it’s best to first ask this key question: “Does my organization have the internal capacity to provide the advanced reporting I know I’m going to need when the system is rolled out?” If you don’t have an employee who’s trained in the field of deep analytics, then it may be worth opting out of advanced reporting features when implementing new EHR/EMR software. You’re better off safe than sorry, and it’s always possible to go back and opt in for those features if you decide you do need them, in the long run.
  • Sometimes, EHR and EMR packages come with “professional services” attached. In many cases, these “professional services” are in fact not professional at all – but the sales reps make it sound like they are. Instead, they’re basic features made to seem cutting edge. This isn’t how we run things at Proper Sky. We like to purchase and run reporting services independently of the EHR/EMR vendor, so that we have full control of the environment.

Make sure you factor in the cost and expertise for getting valuable data out of the system. Consider whether you’re able to handle deep analytical information at your organization or not, and if not, think about what the next best, most realistic option is. Be wary of complete “professional packages” that lead you to hard-to-use software that lacks the data you need. If you’re confused about implementing a new EHR or EMR system for your organization, get in touch. We’re always happy to answer your questions – just drop us a message!

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