Security is the de facto way hackers break into your personal life.  In this webinar, we review with real examples just what can happen if your email is compromised, what practical steps you can take to spot risks and how you can quickly improve your email security posture.

October 10th, 2018 @ 1 p.m. ET.

Minimize Risk, Spot the Fakes and Lock your Email Up Tight
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"Jim and his staff are very much embedded, which has meant a lot to all of us. Jim has been a really good partner and guided us through our technology-related challenges. Proper Sky has meant a lot to our business."


"Proper Sky was the perfect solution to how we could manage our technology. They're excellent. We were able to bring in the whole Proper Sky team for less than it cost us to manage the IT ourselves and we're saving even more money now after they reviewed our vendors and contracts then when we started!"


"The problem is there aren't a million Jims. We love Jim. Every time I text him or call him, he's always there for us. He's amazing. I don't know what to say better than that I think he's incredible. I can't even remember the last time our server was down but I know just having a team to take care of our IT frees me up to focus on what we're best at. I recommend them to anybody I can."


  • We've had a few conversations with customers this week about the new VPNFilter virus from Russia, what it is and if they need to worry.  The FBI has reiterated their guidance that users should reboot their routers.   If you're a customer of ours, have no fear, this attack has been limited to what we'd call "residential grade" routers, routers really designed for home use and security.  We would never put one of these in your office.  Often these devices are the first things we get rid of for our smaller business customers.

  • Just because the data you save isn't important on one website, doesn't mean that the password you use for that site isn't. 87% of users reuse passwords, some frequently. If your email password is the same as your MyFitnessPal password or your banking password, it's not if you'll get hacked but when. We look at 3 simple steps you can take now to lock your accounts up.

  • 5 things you can do right now to improve your computer security.

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