Employee Spotlight – Anthony

Employee Spotlight – Anthony

This month, we’re thrilled to shine a spotlight on Anthony, our Sales leader at Proper Sky. With the majority of his career dedicated to the MSP sector, Anthony brings to our team a blend of technical expertise, strong communication abilities, and sharp business acumen. However, what truly sets him apart in his career is his unwavering commitment to fostering community relationships. Leveraging his vast network, Anthony cultivates connections that not only foster mutual growth but also drive collective success.

Anthony enjoys the challenge of bootstrapping, identifying and implementing processes necessary to enhance service delivery. He actively contributes to building and nurturing the team here at Proper Sky that shares this proactive mindset and loves seeing fellow teammates make a difference in the organization.

This month commemorates 18 years since Anthony completed his final chemotherapy session for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma! His battle with cancer has profoundly influenced his outlook on life, guiding his actions both personally and professionally to prioritize doing right by others.

Although Anthony has numerous hobbies, at present, he devotes his time and energy to laying the groundwork for his daughter. He is focused on instilling in her the confidence and independence to pursue her aspirations and thrive in life.


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