How to Disable Outlook Email Forwarding Notification

How to Disable Outlook Email Forwarding Notification

How to Disable Outlook Email Forwarding Notification

Have you ever seen a notification like this one in Outlook or Outlook Web Access?
If so, here’s some key things you should know about it.
  1.  You cannot turn it off.  Yes, that’s correct, YOU CANNOT TURN IT OFF.  This is by design.
  2. It’s done for security reasons.  Imagine if you logged into your work account and saw a forwarding banner that read “forwarding email to “, what would you do? It is better to be informed, and constantly see this annoying pop-up, than it is to be totally ignorant to the enabled forwarding.
    • What you should do if this is news to you is make this known to someone at your company. If it is a familiar e-mail then perhaps you can ask the user in-person. If it is an unknown sender, or you do not feel comfortable confronting the user, then we suggest speaking with your system admin.
  3. There are business cases for it, but there are better ways to forward and monitor email.
Moving forward:
  1. As an employer or system admin, exercise transparency (Explain to the user why it’s done in a way that makes sense). Let your employees know that you’re enabling forwarding emails. Your honest will build trust with them.
  2. Use Shared Mailboxes; this allows users to read and share messages from the same mailbox.
  3. Delegate Access; this option grants access to both send and receive mail of the user’s inbox.
  4. Use eDiscovery or a Litigation Hold: allowing you to access, for a period of time, all mail, included that that has been deleted or archived.
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