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No matter what services you’re offering the world, you’re a respected expert in your field. But even experts need guidance and support. When partnering with us, you’re tapping into a wealth of knowledge related to strategy, security, compliance, and small business advice, in addition to digital support.

We’ve got the knowledge, skill and experience to help your professional services business.

Fluent in your language and more knowledgeable than a single IT employee.

Cash flow. Capital expenses. Churn. Gross Margin. Operating expenses. These principal words - which are all crucial for a successfully trajectory - are the top priority for small business executives. After working with a massive array of service-providing businesses, we know the logistical components of success. And as IT experts, we also understand how to execute technological strategies to increase the bottom line while keeping operating expenses low. We’re an MSP, sure - but we’re business-savvy, too.

Delivering an outstanding support service.

Our fingers are constantly kept on the pulse of technological advancement, all so we can help deliver a perfect service to all our customers. Our IT team is composed of caring and effective technicians who can rectify any issue you face. From undeliverable emails to slow, sluggish servers, Proper Sky will ensure you receive continual technological support so your business can run as optimally as possible.

You’re an expert at what you do. We’re experts in IT.

Proper Sky was established in 2006, and each passing year has caused us to grow and excel as a managed services provider. Not only has our client list grown exponentially due to our command of technology, but so has our team roster. Between us, we have a combined experience of over fifty years in IT. With all this learned knowledge, we’re not just a company that can fix printer problems or keep rickety servers chugging along. We’re seasoned IT professionals.

The best strategic advantage? Partnering with us.

Proper Sky is a small business. Therefore, we know the trials and tribulations that you face day-to-day as a professional services organization, from tax strategies and cap-ex expenditures to employee turnover and more that you face day-to-day. We understand not only your IT challenges but your business risks, too, giving us valuable insight when implementing a long-term strategy plan to guarantee your business is ahead of the curve.

We’ve got the knowledge and the skill to help your professional services business.

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All it takes is one bad email to get through to the wrong user and your business is at serious risk. Email phishing attacks are by far still the #1 culprit of Ransomware and successful data breach on small businesses.

Imagine your inbox as the gates to your castle. Would you leave the doors wide open for your enemies? Let’s transform your business into a secure fortress and together put an end to this email nightmare once and for all!

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