Unlocking Efficiency and Insight with M365 Forms: Integrations & Use Cases

how to use Microsoft forms for data collection

Unlocking Efficiency and Insight with M365 Forms: Integrations & Use Cases

What is M365 Forms?

Microsoft 365 Forms, commonly referred to as M365 Forms, is a versatile and user-friendly tool within the Microsoft 365 suite that allows users to create surveys, quizzes, and polls. It’s designed to be intuitive, enabling employees to quickly gather feedback, assess knowledge, or conduct research without needing extensive technical skills. The data collected can be easily analyzed, providing valuable insights to make inform decisions and drive business improvements.

How M365 Forms Can Work for Your Employees

  1. Gathering Feedback:

    Employees can create surveys to gather feedback on various aspects such as project performance, workplace environment, or training sessions. This helps in understanding the areas that need improvement and the aspects that are working well.

A project manager can send out a survey after the completion of a project to collect feedback from team members on what went well and what could be improved for future projects.

  1. Conducting Training Assessments:

    Training departments can use M365 Forms to create quizzes that assess employees’ understanding of training materials. This ensures that the training objectives are being met and helps identify areas where additional training might be needed.

After a cybersecurity training session, a quiz can be distributed to ensure that employees understand key concepts such as phishing, password security, and data protection protocols.

  1. Event Planning:

    HR or event coordinators can use M365 Forms to gather RSVPs, dietary preferences, and other necessary details for company events. This streamlines the event planning process and ensures all attendees’ needs are considered.

For an upcoming company retreat, an event coordinator can create a form to collect employees’ RSVPs, food preferences, and any special accommodations they might need.

Embed Forms into Outlook for Easy Access

One of the most convenient features of M365 Forms is its integration with Outlook. This seamless embedding allows employees to create and distribute polls or questionnaires directly from their email client. By simply clicking on the M365 Forms icon within Outlook, users can set up a poll or questionnaire without navigating away from their inbox, making the process quicker and more efficient.

Leveraging Co-Pilot with Microsoft Forms

Microsoft’s Co-Pilot, powered by advanced AI capabilities, enhances the functionality of M365 Forms by offering intelligent suggestions and automation features. Co-Pilot can assist in creating forms, analyzing responses, and generating reports, thereby saving time and improving accuracy. By integrating Co-Pilot with M365 Forms, the process of creating, distributing, and analyzing surveys becomes much more streamlined and effective, allowing companies to respond quickly to employee needs and feedback.

Automated Actions with Power Automate for Efficiency

To further enhance efficiency, M365 Forms can be integrated with Power Automate, Microsoft’s workflow automation tool. This integration allows users to create automated actions based on form responses, reducing manual tasks and improving productivity.

By leveraging Power Automate with M365 Forms, organizations can streamline processes, improve response times, and maintain consistency in follow-up procedures. This integration not only enhances efficiency but also ensures that every lead or response captured through forms is promptly and effectively managed.

M365 Forms combined with the integration with Outlook, enhanced by Co-Pilot, and automated with Power Automate, offers a comprehensive solution for organizations seeking to streamline data collection, feedback gathering, and workflow automation. Whether conducting surveys, quizzes, or managing event registrations, M365 Forms provides a user-friendly platform that empowers employees to engage effectively and drive meaningful insights. By harnessing these tools, companies can foster a culture of responsiveness, agility, and continuous improvement across all levels of the organization.

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