uBlock Origin – Why you should use ublock and how to enable and disable it

ublock origin

uBlock Origin – Why you should use ublock and how to enable and disable it



uBlock Origin is a 3rd party browser extension that Proper Sky enables by default on our client endpoints.  After Business Email Compromise (BEC), internet browsing is the second-highest form of malware delivery.  Typically, legitimate advertising networks are taken over and javascript is written to inject payloads into unsuspecting computers.  By running uBlock Origin, not only do you keep your browsing safer, you also see lest ads and make it harder for 3rd parties to track you.

Technologies and Platforms

  • uBlock Origin
  • Chrome (installed by default)
  • Firefox (can be enabled)
  • Edge (can be enabled)


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Hello valued customer!  We’ve had a few folks that have occasionally run into some issues with uBlock Origin, the ad-blocker that we install by default on nearly all of our client machines.
What follows in this video is a discussion on why we use uBlock Origin, what it actually does and how, and some simple tips for turning it on and off on different websites.  If you have 5 minutes, please watch the full video.  If you just want to turn it on and off, you can jump to 2:36 seconds in the video.

How to enable uBlock Origin


If you have any questions or issues with uBlock, please feel to reach out to our support team!

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