Our Values

Every business is driven by certain principles. These are at Proper Sky’s core:

When Proper Sky launched back in April of 2006, we promised ourselves our company would be different. Every day, we work our hardest to do what’s right; for our solutions to be practical; to not only be technology experts, but to be genuinely nice to our customers; and, above all, to learn and grow as a team.

At Proper Sky, our passion is to be the tech support other companies want.

Do The Right Thing

What’s right isn’t always clear. It’s never a straight line, and there’s always room for discussion - especially when it’s contrary to our customers’ wishes. However, there’s never a night when any member of our team doesn’t feel like we’ve done the right thing for the people, employees, and organizations we serve.

Be Practical

Time and time again, we’ve stumbled on solutions that were over-engineered, balanced on the head of a pin, and cost a fortune to maintain. We vowed that our solutions would always be practical. Practicality isn’t always the cheapest or easiest route, but it’s a path that’s served our customers well. While new tech is glamorous, it’s far less appealing than an increased bottom line or improved productivity. We strive to build solutions that solve an organization's business challenges within their means and resources.

Be Technology Experts

We hire and train experts. We look for like-minded individuals: folks who love tech, builders, makers, and problem solvers. We work hard to find techs who care, who have a demonstrated history of problem-solving, who know time is money, and who look at challenges — especially difficult ones — as opportunities. We take those attitudes and skills and assimilate them into a culture of technical excellence.

Be Nice

Tech support is a hard job. Emails hit the board, the phone rings, texts ding. We never get the “You know, I haven’t had a problem in weeks — keep up the great work!” phone calls. Most of the time, a client’s calling because they’re facing a challenge, and we look at challenges as opportunities. Every single ticket is a chance to be kind, to listen, to empathize, and ultimately, to help. The IT industry is rife with stereotypes of the bitter technician, and we work hard every day to erase that.

Growth through Teamwork

When you’re building something great, having a team full of amazing people along for the ride is so much more rewarding. Building capacity and breadth in the folks around you, encouraging personal development, and enriching the lives of our team members is key to Proper Sky’s success.

We’re always looking for like-minded customers, vendors, partners and employees  To us these are more than words, they’re the principles that guide us each day.

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