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You focus on your Patients, We focus on your Tech.

Running a medical practice in the digital age brings a set of unique challenges other businesses simply don’t have to face. From understanding HIPAA compliance to finding secure, practical, and financially viable software, managing the technological side of a contemporary medical practice can be overwhelming. That’s where a Managed Service Provider who specializes in IT Services for medical and healthcare offices can help you excel.

You need a partner who not only understands HIPAA compliance, but also one who specializes in real working solutions to help your practice get the most out of your technology budget. We’ve got you covered:

Deep understanding of tech used in the healthcare and medical field.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen and dealt with a vast array of EHRs, EMRs and practice management systems. The first thing we do is take the company’s individual needs into consideration, and then work from there to put the right software in place. Here at Proper Sky, we know how to correlate appropriate technology with your productivity values and operating expenses.

We know HIPAA compliance like the back of our hands.

We completely understand HIPAA and compliance. If you’re running a successful practice and don’t want to spend valuable time researching HIPAA, acquiring a partner who truly recognizes its intricacies is fundamental to your success. This is our speciality. In addition to easily explaining complex aspects, we can also craft policies and procedures around your business operation to minimize risk, while at the same time increasing security and compliance.

Knowledge of the business of medicine and healthcare IT

It’s true: we’re a technology company. But that doesn’t mean we don’t understand the business of medicine, what goes on inside medical offices, and the impactful issues you face. From credit card machines that can’t process payments, to 837s being stuck in an outbound queue due to null values, to scheduling your reminder system in an effective way: we can help rectify and solve all these issues.

Technology services that extend beyond the power cord

At Proper Sky, we’re not just an IT company. We’re a partner in your practice's success. Whether that means working with your software vendor, looking at ways we can cut down your telecommunication costs, or properly securing your wireless networking, we will be with you every step of the way. Our ethos is that collaboration is the key to achievement, and we certainly want to aid you in reaching your goals.

Our specialized knowledge in IT Services for healthcare and medical has helped some extraordinary organizations carry on with the important work of their missions.

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