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SMALL Business, It’s time to look at technology differently.

Running a small business is hard; from managing employee expectations, managing cash flow, building your pipeline dealing with new customers and more.  All the hats, all the time.  As a busy business owner, it’s time to look at technology as a tool that empowers.  

You need a partner who not only understands HIPAA compliance, but also one who specializes in real working solutions to help your practice get the most out of your technology budget. We’ve got you covered:

The right tech in the right hands

People are often a company’s largest expense - but without the tools to support those people, small business owners often find themselves at a loss. How much money would your company save in productivity if your internet never went down, or you could process 33% more transactions? How much more would you company be worth if you could get just 5% more out of your staff with a little extra investment in tools and process? That’s the power of today’s technology, and we can help you leverage it.

A dependable, results driven team of professionals

We're no strangers to the stereotypes of IT pros: we're all supposed to be inflexible, expensive, careless, and rude. And, unfortunately, some professionals not only exhibit those characteristics, but wear them as a badge of honor. We're not those people. We understand time is money, and for the same price of one IT professional, we'll give you access to a nimble, responsive team who treats your work with care — and treats you with respect.

Getting through it together

Small businesses enjoy working with us, and we enjoy working with them. We’re a small business ourselves - you’re getting business owner-to-business owner service. We believe we’re a natural fit for small businesses, as we’re already familiar with the challenges small businesses face — and we’re familiar with conquering those challenges. Whether internal complications with the email system, bugs with CRMs, or setbacks with bookkeeping software, we manage the issues that risk massively impacting the productivity of startups and small businesses.

Partnering with us is no small feat. Proper Sky can help your small business think big.

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All it takes is one bad email to get through to the wrong user and your business is at serious risk. Email phishing attacks are by far still the #1 culprit of Ransomware and successful data breach on small businesses.

Imagine your inbox as the gates to your castle. Would you leave the doors wide open for your enemies? Let’s transform your business into a secure fortress and together put an end to this email nightmare once and for all!

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