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We believe in creating a tailored IT strategy completely aligned with your organization’s goals

Every business is unique; even in crowded local industries, internal processes for one company can be vastly different than those of another. You wouldn’t have the same sales strategy as your competitor — so why would you have a similar IT strategy? We help companies of all sizes in Horsham, PA with their IT planning and IT strategy.

Building an IT strategy that leverages your organization’s strengths and minimizes any weaknesses takes time and thorough consideration. We carefully factor those aspects into an IT strategy designed for your business.

Here’s what to expect when planning your IT strategy with Proper Sky:

Seek to Understand

Before planning a tailored IT strategy for your company, we gain a firm understanding of the internal workings of your organization. We develop strategies by identifying what makes your company unique, understanding how it functions, and clarifying your goals.

Meticulous strategic planning

We consider your company’s distinct functions, like team size and budget, so our recommendations don’t just work — but work for you. We lay comprehensive groundwork, ensuring your strategy maximizes your success..

Precision Execution

With a plan in place, it’s time to execute. We’ll work with you to implement your unique strategy, taking extra care to ensure it delivers the best results.

Measuring success in a practical way

Our partnership doesn’t end with implementation. We constantly measure our work’s impact, using data to determine the strategy’s success and identifying how we can improve it along the way.

All too often we see organizations view IT as a cost driver and not as an opportunity to increase their bottom line. Let us help you navigate the turbulent world of technology with a plan that fits around YOUR strategic objectives.  You need a team with a demonstrated history of strategic success.  You need Proper Sky.

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All it takes is one bad email to get through to the wrong user and your business is at serious risk. Email phishing attacks are by far still the #1 culprit of Ransomware and successful data breach on small businesses.

Imagine your inbox as the gates to your castle. Would you leave the doors wide open for your enemies? Let’s transform your business into a secure fortress and together put an end to this email nightmare once and for all!

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