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What’s better than blue sky thinking? Cloud thinking.

Without a doubt, the future of tech revolves around cloud-based software — and there’s never been a better opportunity to take advantage of it than right now. We’re finally seeing the long-term advantages of huge enterprise cloud solutions trickling down to the small-to-mid-market companies. We provide cloud computing support and consulting services in Plymouth Meeting, PA. Our cloud consultants will help you identify the right solutions and help you integrate them into your business.

While benefits of the cloud are ultimately dependent on your business, team size, and your mission, leveraging cloud services yields several benefits that are too good to ignore:

Email hosting via the cloud

If you’re still hosting your own email server, we should talk. With Google Suite and Office 365, you’ll have access to secure tools that are always on and always available at a fraction of the cost of self-hosting.

Say goodbye to traditional telco circuits

Does your organization have a complicated setup of MPLS networks, hybrid VPN deployments or expensive, antiquated telco circuits? With cloud services, we can help you cut costs and streamline your setup.

Hosted desktop and server solutions

Cloud workspaces deliver the right data, at the right time, to the right people. Working from the cloud puts you at the digital helm of your organization, with complete control over access, rights, privileges, and more.

No data loss. Ever.

Hosting via the cloud means there’s a secure, real-time backup of your data all the time. It’s an end-to-end encrypted, 100% available enterprise solution accessible at a fraction of the cost when compared to competing models.

The way you work, at scale

Getting traction on just a single tweet could overwhelm your ecommerce system; the cloud presents ways for you to scale your business — in real time — when you need it, and back down when you don’t, so your system remains stable through traffic bursts.

We take a holistic approach to understanding your technology systems, ensuring you have the access and understanding you need in order to benefit from cloud services. We’ll build a cost-effective, tailored solution designed to improve reliability, drive down costs, and provide the necessary security for your organization — all while enabling you with the freedom to access it anywhere, any time.

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All it takes is one bad email to get through to the wrong user and your business is at serious risk. Email phishing attacks are by far still the #1 culprit of Ransomware and successful data breach on small businesses.

Imagine your inbox as the gates to your castle. Would you leave the doors wide open for your enemies? Let’s transform your business into a secure fortress and together put an end to this email nightmare once and for all!

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