Why Good IT Costs So Much.

Why Good IT Costs So Much.

What Exactly Is IT Cybersecurity?

IT cybersecurity is a protection system for your company’s IT network. 

Cybersecurity technology is essential for protecting all of your programs and networks from unexpected digital attacks. This technology blocks important information from being stolen, deleted, or altered. It guards against identity theft. 

Cybersecurity gives you and your company financial protection from anyone attempting to extort your money (or your user’s money). It also blocks any interruption in your daily business processes.

There is a true art to IT cybersecurity. Proper Sky of Philadelphia sheds some light on this art: 

Why Cybersecurity Is Important For A Modern Day Society

Why is information security important?

There are many reasons why cybersecurity is critical in today’s society. A company or individual simply can not afford to take the issue lightly. It should not be news to anyone that this is an important facet of each and every business regardless of their involvement with technology. Whether it be sending and receiving proposals, peer-to-peer payment apps similar to Venmo or Cashapp, or a website showcasing your work – internet activity has become somewhat inevitable for many. what is

Here are several reasons why it is important in today’s world to be cyber-safe: 

1. Common Crime: Cybercrime is actually a very common crime – far more common than people realize. The odds are in your favor to be attacked. 

“According to the FBI, there are 4,000 ransomware attacks targeting businesses daily, and in 2020, there was one ransomware victim every 10 seconds. There were about 26,000 Distributed Denial of Service attacks each day in the same year, which averages out to 18 per minute.” –The University of Tulsa

Globally there are millions of malicious cyber attacks, and the numbers are only growing.

2. Personal Protection: Computer privacy is a huge issue. Sensitive personal information is commonly “stolen” through cyber attacks. Passwords can not protect you or your company from these identity crimes. 

Literally, everyone is vulnerable to cybercrime: 

  • anyone who shops in person or through online retailers
  • anyone who enjoys online banking
  • anyone who plays games online
  • anyone who enjoys entertainment or travel

These services place you and your company (and your users) in a position to be an easy target without proper security measures in place. 

Did you know that nearly ⅓ of all American adults have experienced some form of identity theft and network security issues? 

And often, more than once. Phishing sites are relentless and it’s important to be as prepared as possible. 

Your customers need to be protected through strong IT system security when utilizing your services. 

3. Financial Losses: There is a huge economic impact from cyberattacks. Companies and individuals suffer massive financial losses from cybercrime and costly lost time. 

Cyber issues could even be the cause of a recession – something discussed a lot these days. 

 “ Cybercrime will inflict damages totaling more than $6 trillion globally by the end of 2021, up from $3 trillion in 2015. It is more expensive than the damage inflicted by natural disasters worldwide – and more profitable than the global illegal drug trade.” -U of T

Billions of dollars are expected to be spent in 2022 towards world cyber protection. 

4. National Security: Cybercrime is a huge threat to our national security. Cyber Attacks, like viruses and data breaches, are a threat to our national home security. 

These attacks could interrupt our daily lives. Hostile governments, or even terrorist groups, could pose a huge danger to our overall safety if our government and economic sites are not safe and secure. This is why President Biden has repeatedly deemed cybersecurity as a top national priority. 

The Cost Of Cybersecurity

Is cyber insurance worth it? In short, yes.

At this point, everyone realizes that the importance of network security is really priceless. Cybersecurity budgets reflect this. 

In fact, most companies spend around 6-14% of their annual budgets on this necessary security. Over 150 billion was sent globally in 2021 for data breach prevention, and this figure of network security costs is rising. 

So how can you protect your company and yourself? 

There are many types of cyber security solutions. Some technology tools and services include: 

  • Intranet Security as a corporate network security tool will protect your devices through updated software, like anti-malware software.
  • Perimeter Security to provide a barrier to attacks, through tools like firewalls, spam protection, and intruder prevention systems.
  • Employee Training helps protect against human errors that cause breaks in security. Employee awareness and set policies help with improving cybersecurity. It is crucial for protecting you and your company.
  • Testing Security should be included in your IT support prices. Testing can ensure that your employees and systems are up to snuff. Making sure that employees are utilizing company practices can reduce attacks by almost 20%.  
  • Cyber Security Support with a qualified IT professional and team will help protect you from all current and future attacks.

Cybersecurity is a worthy investment. IT support pricing and ransomware quotes can vary. 

In Closing

Nothing is as important as the safety of yourself, your employees, and your clients and customers. 

Cybersecurity is a necessary tool for this safety and the overall success of your company. All companies should have an IT professional design proper security and should budget for IT support costs. 

Keeping up to date with the evolution of cyber security is critical for staying safe and secure. This protection is necessary – so shop around for the best managed IT services pricing. 

*Be sure to contact Proper Sky for the latest smart business security solutions for every budget and every need.

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