Employee Spotlight – Kalin

Employee Spotlight – Kalin

This month, we’re thrilled to spotlight Kalin, Proper Sky’s incredible System Administrator. As one of Proper Sky’s longest-tenured employees, Kalin has been with us for over a decade!

Kalin is the backbone of our internal IT systems and the mastermind behind the systems we provide to clients. He handles maintenance, updates, implements best practices and of course, ensures our systems are always up and running. Whenever the helpdesk hits a snag, Kalin jumps in as a go-to escalation point for the team.

In his critical role at Proper Sky, Kalin’s wealth of legacy knowledge about our company and the intricacies of client environments makes him indispensable. He thrives on problem-solving and embraces the many challenges and hands-on experiences that come with working at Proper Sky.

Kalin truly appreciates the work-hard, play-hard culture at Proper Sky. His passion for IT began as a child, learning from his mother, a Computer Science teacher in Bulgaria. This passion led him to the United States, where he earned a Information Systems degree from Drexel University.

When he’s not at work, you might find Kalin playing a pickup game of soccer or DJing at a club in Philly. Recently, though, he’s been embracing fatherhood and spending quality time with his daughter, family, and friends.

Kalin, your dedication and expertise are invaluable to Proper Sky. Thank you for all that you do!

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