Help Desk Support: Guide for Company Executives

Help Desk Support: Guide for Company Executives

Your business needs a reliable, functional infrastructure day-in and day-out. When someone’s computer or software stops working or they can’t get a system to work, they’re not going to stay on task and meet deadlines. You may have a help desk in-place, but your in-house IT team has to handle everything from database administration to equipment deployment. Checking trouble tickets from end users and departments take them away from those critical tasks. A managed IT company can take over your help desk operations and deliver several major benefits to your organization. This article will cover those benefits.

Greatly Expand Your Team While Reducing Your IT Expenses

Recruiting and retaining qualified IT employees is a difficult task. If you need specialists with a certain technology or platform, you have to compete against many other companies looking for the same expertise. A managed IT support provider handles that side of things, so you’re not putting money into an expensive recruiting campaign or trying to beat job offers from larger competitors.

You pay a negotiated fee, which is typically a flat-rate per month, to get the help desk support that you need. You’re not dealing with overhead costs, benefits, insurance or any other expenses. Another cost advantage comes from the ability to scale this service up and down as needed. You may need more staffing following a new software or hardware deployment, or another situation that could lead to an increase in trouble tickets.

Improve Worker Productivity

Your employees fall behind on work when their equipment fails or their software isn’t working properly. A fully staffed IT support desk can quickly get to the support tickets so your staff can get back to what they were doing without a major disruption.

IT Help Desk StaffYou also improve staff satisfaction and engagement when they don’t deal with system downtime or broken equipment every day. They feel valued and appreciated when their issues are handled as quickly as possible.

Lower Task Load on In-House IT Staff

Many IT departments need to think strategically and proactively to support business goals, but they’re unable to do so because they have to put out fires every day. When you outsource your help desk to a managed IT support company, you give the in-house staff enough time to catch their breath and start optimizing your infrastructure and operations.

Speed Up Troubleshooting

The managed IT services provider is focused entirely on help desk tickets. They don’t have to juggle priorities from multiple teams or departments. The only thing that they’re responsible for is providing technical support for end users, so they can devote all of their resources to the troubleshooting process.

In some cases, this approach can also improve the technical aptitude of your employees. After fixing the immediate issue, the help desk staff can recommend resources and training information that goes into detail about avoiding the issue in the future.

Remain Competitive in Your Industry

Some organizations have a seemingly endless IT budget that allows them to have a dedicated in-house help desk team without taking away from other critical areas. It’s difficult to compete with them in your industry unless you can match that level of responsiveness with the help of an IT support desk.

When your company’s help desk goes through a managed IT company, you end up with an excellent experience for everyone involved. Your business can focus on what they do best, without worrying about bottlenecks and troubleshooting when interacting with your technology.

For more information about Proper Sky’s Help Desk services for businesses in Philadelphia, feel free to give us a call or schedule a meeting. We’re happy to help you find the best solution for your organization. For our in-depth guide on Managed IT Services and how they can help your company succeed, see our Managed IT Services guide. 

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