New Office, New Us!

New conference room with Microsoft teams TV set up.

New Office, New Us!

Okay, while we have moved to a new office, we must note that it is the same us. On Tuesday we closed the doors on our Keswick Ave. location in Glenside, PA and moved not all too far, to Abington, PA. Our new address is 1916, Old York Road, Abington, PA, 19001.

For 13-some-odd years, we resided on Keswick Avenue in a space that really did allow us to become the Proper Sky you know today. We are beyond grateful for anyone and everyone that has been apart of the journey up until this point and hope you’ll be with us as we continue writing the Proper Sky story.

Though we are in a new space, we are the same team that you know and (hopefully) love. You, our clients, are the sole reason we grow and we cannot thank you enough for the continued support you’ve shown over the year.

We’ll be having an “office-warming” party in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled for an invite to that!

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