OpenAI Rolls Out Official IOS Application, Android to Come

OpenAI Rolls Out Official IOS Application, Android to Come

In 2023, it feels seemingly impossible to scroll through the internet without seeing some mention of artificial intelligence and the power it has harnessed in a short period of time. For some time, in the short six month tenure of Chat GPT, there were a multitude of chat bots found on the Apple App Store that functioned just as ChatGPT would but often followed by pay walls and restrictions. While they all claimed to be powered by OpenAI’s software, Microsoft’s Bing Chatbot included, none of which were the original. This was the case, until last night when OpenAi had released a native IOS version of ChatGPT.


(Image from the OpenAI per the Apple App Store)

Unlike competitors, the software is free to use, for unlimited usage. The caveat is that you’ll be running version 3.5 as opposed to the latest and greatest version 4. Though it is not free, ChatGPT 4 is available for $20 a month. Using this software, regardless of what version you are you, should be done with consideration a the chat bot is known for fabricating information to some degree (not always, but at times).

It was noted that ChatGPT took so long to reach the app store (soon available for Android as well) as a result of OpenAI’s plan to safely implement/make available their softwares on a variety of devices and platforms. In the short few months the web-application has been available, it is estimated to have grown over one hundred million users.

As stated by the Open AI team on their website “The ChatGPT app is free to use and syncs your history across devices. It also integrates Whisper, our open-source speech-recognition system, enabling voice input. ChatGPT Plus subscribers get exclusive access to GPT-4’s capabilities, early access to features and faster response times, all on iOS.”

To read the full article and release notes, from OpenAI you can check it out here:

To download the IOS application, you may find that here

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