5 Signs Your Philadelphia Business Needs an Outsourced IT Services Company

5 Signs Your Philadelphia Business Needs an Outsourced IT Services Company

All types of businesses in Philadelphia benefit from having dedicated IT resources and personnel on staff to ensure they can operate efficiently without being over-burdened by technical issues. Without dedicated IT resources in place, companies can suffer and experience reduced productivity, limited efficiency and increased downtime. However, hiring an in-house IT team can be costly, time-consuming and unnecessary. 

So what can a business do to then? How can they get the support they need without all the overhead?

That is why many businesses choose to outsource their IT needs to a Managed IT Service Provider. This gives them the benefit from having expert IT personnel on hand whenever they need them, without incurring the on-going costs of hiring IT staff. Furthermore, using an established IT service company enables businesses to benefit from a wide-range of expertise and specializations, and will ensure that the business receives the breadth of professional IT services it requires. The key takeaway here is that they can acquire all these benefits for less than the cost of just one salaried employee.  

If you’re still unsure whether you need help from IT professionals, these five signs may highlight the importance of having dedicated IT service providers in place…

1. You don’t have a cybersecurity plan

You wouldn’t leave your physical premises unlocked and unmanned, so why take the risk with your company’s digital assets? Cybersecurity should be a top priority for business executives, and your business needs to have effective security measures in place.

Cybersecurity threats come in many forms, so it’s vital to obtain professional advice and assistance when you’re devising an appropriate security strategy. Ransomware, malware, viruses, and phishing are common examples of cybersecurity threats faced by businesses, but more are being developed all the time.

If your IT network is affected by an online security threat, it can bring your business to a standstill. If your hardware is rendered unusable, for example, you won’t be able to process orders, update your inventory, communicate with clients or even liaise with colleagues in your own office. If your manufacturing or service deliveries are automated, these may come to an abrupt stop too.

Furthermore, online security threats can cause reputational damage, which could harm your business in the long-term. If a cybersecurity issue becomes public, customers and clients may lose trust in your brand and it can be difficult for businesses to recover from this.

In addition to this, you need to consider the legal implications of a breach of cybersecurity. With increasing legislation and regulations regarding the safe storage and processing of data, companies are being held to account when security breaches result in someone unauthorized gaining access to your company information and customer data.

With so many risks associated with cybersecurity, it’s essential that all businesses utilize Philadelphia IT services and implement effective security measures. In addition to creating and enforcing a dedicated security strategy for your company, outsourced IT specialists can respond to any cybersecurity threats as they emerge and ensure that they are stopped before any damage occurs. This ensures that your company’s operations and brand aren’t in jeopardy and enables you to continue functioning. In addition to this, utilizing outsourced IT services ensures your cybersecurity strategy can be updated to respond to emerging threats as and when they happen. 

2. You’re spending time troubleshooting

When things go wrong with your IT hardware or software, you may spend an inordinate amount of time trying to get things back up and running. Whether your hosting provider has let you down, you’ve spilled a drink on your laptop, or your CRM system is failing to save new entries, any IT issues need to be resolved quickly and efficiently. With remote access to your network, IT specialists can resolve many issues via a single phone call, but an IT Services Provider in Philadelphia can also be on-site quickly to resolve more in-depth problems.

Unfortunately, many business owners assume that troubleshooting their own IT problems saves them money, but the reverse is often true. While you’re busy trying to resolve an IT issue, you aren’t able to focus on your core business areas. Depending on the issue you’re facing, business operations may be delayed until the problem is fixed, and this will cost you a significant amount in reduced productivity. 

Indeed, businesses with more than one employee can suffer additional setbacks if multiple members of staff are attempted to troubleshoot IT issues. Without the intricate knowledge and expertise required, staff could inadvertently cause further damage to your IT systems. As well as damaging your network, this could also result in gaps in your security systems and may potentially leave your network vulnerable to hackers, ransomware or viruses. 

While attempting to troubleshoot your own IT problems will inevitably cost you money in terms of reduced efficiency and productivity, it could lead to further losses if additional damage or vulnerability occurs.

By ensuring you have access to dedicated professionals, however, you can rely on them to resolve any IT problems quickly and comprehensively. Enabling you to focus on your core business areas and ensuring your systems are up and running swiftly, an outsourced IT service provider can save your company a significant amount in both the short and long-term. 

3. You already have an IT employee

Companies often assume that hiring an IT professional will ensure they have all the IT support that they require. However, the vast majority of businesses require more than what one employee can realistically offer. While you may have a talented IT professional already on the payroll, if they’re overwhelmed and overworked, you could risk losing them completely. 

In addition to this, IT is a growing industry and there are various different specializations. Your current IT personnel may have in-depth knowledge of cloud server management, for example, but may be unfamiliar with cybersecurity protocols. Similarly, your IT technician may be excellent at resolving hardware issues, but may not have experience in managing cloud-based integrations. 

While an in-house member on staff who is dedicated to IT can certainly be advantageous for businesses, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t require additional support. By supplementing your internal IT staff and using the services of an IT service provider, you can ensure that your existing members of staff have access to extra support when they need it. As a result, your company will benefit from the expertise of a range of IT professionals and be able to utilize a far wider range of tech. 

4. Your business is growing

As your business evolves, your IT infrastructure needs to grow too. Start-ups and enterprises often begin with minimal IT resources, but this changes fairly quickly as they begin to establish themselves. Similarly, small and medium-sized businesses can only expand into larger companies if they have the IT systems to facilitate it. 

When designed properly, an IT network can scale as your business grows. Without the right IT infrastructure, it may be impossible for your business to expand. As a result, you may only obtain a limited market share, be unable to expand your services and you could even lose clients and customers to competitors with additional resources.

When you rely on outsourced IT services, however, you can ensure that you have the appropriate infrastructure for your business. As well as ensure that your existing network and systems are suitable for your business now, dedicated IT experts can determine whether they are suitable for the business growth you’re aiming for and, if not, what modifications will need to be made.

Upgrading your IT network as your business grows opens up new opportunities and it can help your company to increase its revenue too. Companies which try to function with limited resources typically end up bringing in less revenue, so relying on a network which doesn’t meet your needs isn’t going to be cost-effective.

In addition to this, a growing business typically requires more support from IT professionals and technicians. As you become increasingly reliant on your tech infrastructure, you’ll require additional resources in terms of data storage, additional user privileges, new employee accounts, and problem resolution. Hiring in-house IT staff to manage these issues can be costly, but outsourcing your needs to a dedicated IT service provider enables you to access this support as soon as you need it for one low monthly rate.

With budget-friendly options to suit businesses of all sizes, outsourcing your IT needs gives you the flexibility you need as a growing business. Whether you’re moving from a sole proprietor to an incorporated company or a medium-sized enterprise to a national corporation, scalable IT support is crucial to your success. 

5. You don’t have an IT strategy

Although IT is integral to almost every organization out there, a significant number of companies don’t have an IT strategy in place. While they rely on their IT systems and networks every day, businesses don’t always take a proactive approach when it comes to the impact their existing infrastructure has on their business operations. 

Of course, there are thousands of IT products, platforms and tools available and keeping up-to-date can be a hard task. With many products claiming to offer increased productivity, streamlined processes and enhanced efficiency, how do you know which ones really deliver? 

Here’s where professional IT experts come into play. With an in-depth knowledge of the industry, IT technicians are well-placed to determine which platforms and what software can help to improve your business functions. If you want to automate your e-commerce, for example, an experienced IT professional can help you to determine which platform is right for your business. 

Technology is constantly being updated and improved and using the latest tools can ensure your business is operating at its maximum capabilities. In addition to this, by using the right tech options, you can engage with potential new clients and customers in a whole new way. This enables your business to market your goods and services more effectively and can lead to increased sales and profit.

However, these opportunities all begin with your IT strategy. Identifying how your IT can propel your business forward is critical to your on-going success and business growth. As your competitors switch to newer and more efficient tech, you could risk losing your customer base if you don’t keep up.

Outsourced IT companies are an ideal way to access the information and expertise you need to build a solid IT strategy. With a range of different specialties, outsourced IT professionals have the capability to identify appropriate IT solutions for your business needs, regardless of your sector or industry. Whatever your business goals are, IT professionals have the inside knowledge to ensure you can achieve them. 

Perhaps you want to increase automation or streamline internal processes? Maybe you want to introduce new e-commerce options? You might be eager to reduce your costs by digitizing your inventory and restocking processes?

Instead of wading through thousands of IT products and trying to determine which ones are right for your company, an experienced IT service provider can provide you with the information you need instantly. Furthermore, when you consult an IT professional, they will be able to confirm which tools, services, and systems can be integrated into your existing tech set-up, which can save you time and money. 

Whenever a company introduces new tech solutions, there can be some initial teething problems. As staff become accustomed to the new system, there may be an increased need for troubleshooting, for example. Engaging with an IT service provider doesn’t just help to ensure you have the right IT strategy in place, it also ensures that you have the resources you need as you implement this strategy.

When it’s time to install new systems, upgrade your hardware or train staff in new IT protocols, your outsourced IT provider will be able to offer the additional support you require. As a constant background presence, you can rely on outsourced IT services to step forward as and when they’re needed. Giving you IT support on a day-to-day basis and ensuring you have a forward-thinking IT strategy in place, an outsourced IT service provider will help to keep your business functional, as well as profitable. 

For more information about IT Services, see our comprehensive guide on Managed IT Services, or to speak to a Managed IT Service Provider in Philadelphia, give us a call at (215) 305-8899 or send us an email.

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