How to Turn Off the Win Lock Key

How to Turn Off the Win Lock Key

How to Turn Off the Win Lock Key

Computers are a funny thing.  I spent quite a bit recently on a “gaming PC” mostly because I wanted a huge monitor that looked nice.  Anyway, I also have kids.  Despite numerous attempts to get them from touching my computer, occasionally, I forget to lock my monitor.

Today, when I got to my computer, the start key on my keyboard, which I use about every 40 keystrokes wouldn’t work so I did the classic IT guy thing, googled it and found this massive tome.

What’s interesting about most of these solutions is that some of them are pure nuclear.  I tried them anyway.  How could something so simple require so much?  Then, I noticed this button on my keyboard, WINLOCK

Win Lock Key on Keyboard

As embarrassing as this sounds, I have never seen or hit this key in the 30 plus years of dealing with computers.  My hunch was right, it disables the windows key but how to turn it back on befuddled me.

I did find this post in my internet travels, which basically says “To turn Win-Lock On or Off, press the Windows Key and Space Bar”  In my case, that was incorrect.  I needed to press:

Fn + Win Key

Magic commence.  Win + L.

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